Simply Algarve - entrevista a Susana Ribieiro do Viaje Comigo Capa Simply Algarve - entrevista a Susana Ribieiro do Viaje Comigo
Publicado em Outubro 13, 2020

Viaje Comigo na revista Simply Algarve (outubro 2020)

Recortes de Imprensa

A Simply Algarve é uma revista de distribuição gratuita que podemos encontrar por terras algarvias. Dirigida tanto a residentes como visitantes, está particularmente focada em divulgar negócios, empreendedores e espaços da região centro do Algarve. Por onde andam? Por Olhão, Faro, Santa Bárbara, São Brás de Alportel, Loulé, Almancil, Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo, Quarteira, Vilamoura, Boliquieme e, por vezes, Albufeira e Tavira.

Todos os meses, na primeira semana de cada mês, são lançadas 6 mil cópias da Simply Algarve, que são distribuídas em vários locais das cidades e vilas referidas acima, em centros comerciais, restaurantes, centros de desporto, resorts, supermercados e outras lojas.

Em julho deste ano, conheci parte da equipa da Simply Algarve durante um passeio de SUP, explorando as grutas e algares, junto de Benagil. Aí, surgiu o convite para responder a uma entrevista, em inglês, para a edição de outubro de 2020. Aqui está ela!

Podem seguir a Simply Algarve no site e também no Instagram e Facebook.

Simply Algarve - entrevista a Susana Ribieiro do Viaje Comigo

Capa de Outubro 2020 – Simply Algarve – entrevista a Susana Ribieiro do Viaje Comigo


We met Susana Ribeiro, journalist turned travel blogger, earlier this year whilst Stand Up Paddle Boarding in the caves around Benagil. Traveling the world and getting paid to do it is something everyone would love, so we asked some questions to find out more about her…

What is your name?
Susana Ribeiro

Where are you from?
I am from Porto, that’s where my home base is, but I live in several places at a time, all around Portugal and the world.

What do you do?
I have been a journalist for the last 20 years and I created travel website 7 years ago, people call me a travel blogger but I am always going to be a journalist. I am also a tour leader, which means I get to take people travelling! I go with groups of my readers and followers to several destinations (such as Morocco, Thailand and Tanzania) but in the next months I am doing tours in Portugal, and especially focusing on the Algarve.

How long have you been doing it?
I have had since 2013 but I am a journalist for the last 20 years – I have worked in several newspapers, magazines, radio stations and also with TV producers.

How did you find your style of blog?
Well at first it was supposed to be a website as a community of travelers, but little by little I realized that my readers and followers identified with the places I visited.
Viaje Comigo has also started working with travel agencies and taking groups to various destinations. Usually, my workday is writing about the places I visit. This aims to help anyone who likes to organize their own trips. With my tours the opposite happens: I go with those who want company and want everything organized for them on trips, without any problems.

What has your involvement in journalism brought you?
I think it brought me a wide view of the societies and cultures that I visit. I am very curious about everything! I observe my surroundings and I ask a lot of questions, I like new experiences and I try to put that curiosity on the things I write for Viaje Comigo. I never wanted to be anything other than a journalist, until I saw that I could combine the passion of traveling with the my way of writing. And that is how Viaje Comigo was born.

What is the hardest part of your working process?
I would say that the difficult part is to work on partnerships and create attractive tours and put it all on the website. But everything is a good challenge! My goal has always been to encourage people to travel more, with my guides and travel suggestions.

Where is your favourite place?
That’s a very difficult question, because I have so many.
In Portugal, Algarve is certainly one of them, that’s why I want to do tours in that region. I love the Douro Wine Region and my city, Porto. Around the rest of the world, I love every place I’ve been like Morocco, India, Thailand…
When the pandemic started I was in Chile… and I had to come back within 48 hours.
And this year I was going to make a lot of trips, but now they are all pushed back to 2021! I love Morocco, India, Thailand…

What is your perfect day?
Being somewhere with great weather and good food, watching a perfect sunset, a Porto with Tonic and new and old friends.

What is your favourite picture of a place you visited?
Uhhh so many! Even when I have to choose for Instagram ( it is very difficult! But I have to say that, this year, I really love the ones I took in South Africa, in january/february when I was travelling for a month there. Also my pictures of Portugal show that my country has a lot of beautiful places. The last ones in Douro and Algarve show how beautiful Portugal is!

And finally, where can people find you?
Well they can find me on the website but also in several social media

Simply Algarve - entrevista a Susana Ribieiro do Viaje Comigo

Simply Algarve – entrevista a Susana Ribieiro do Viaje Comigo


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